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Lemon Peel Skin Deep Moisturizing Lotion

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8oz;  An effective hydrating, moisturizing lotion for thirsty hands, elbows, legs and other body parts that get extremely dry! Created with fresh aloe vera plant, lemon enzymes, macadamia butter, lanolin, horsetail plant butter, goats milk, and sunflower plant.  Naturally hydrating, soothing dry skin while locking in moisture without being greasy! Glides on smooth, leaving a soft like talc feel. In its natural lemony zest scent and a few select spring inspired citrusy scents!


Available in:


Lemon Verbana

Lemongrass & Lavender

Florida Citrus Basil(garden greens and basil, lemon and sparkling lime)

White Citrus & Mint Mimosa (white grapefruit, blood orange, satsuma, peppermint, hints of spearmint, with a twist of lime spritz)

Citrus Twist Bliss (Cucumber, Melon, Tangerines, Lime, Lemon with a twist of spa tonic -green and white tea)

Florida Spring Break (blend of Florida orange and tangerine groves, white grapefruit, with green and white tea)

Florida Ocean Spritz (Aloe, spritzes of lemon, lime, with green tea)


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