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Our Order Creation And Processing

Since every product is created with high quality organic ingredients, including our natural spring waters here in North Florida. We maintain a high quality of how we follow the ebb and flow of seasons, temperatures, and how we extract and blend our ingredients.

So, we DO NOT mass produce and stick it in storage! We create every order FRESH on the day you place your order and ship it out in a timely manner. So, from creation to processing does and can take anywhere from a few days to at least 1-2 weeks. Then, we ship it directly to your home or Day Spa/Esthetician business via choice of USPS or UPS.  Our products are temperature sensitive and so when you receive your order, please immediately take it inside. We take great pride in product creation, and down to product testing with our individual group made up of both consumers and professional Estheticians to ensure that we do OUR best in all we create for total premium, luxurious and naturally healthy skin!


NOTE: Due to taking extra security measures for order placement and delivery; to avoid fraudulent orders; Someone must be 18yrs old or older to physically sign for the order.

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