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Dead Sea Mineral ReGEN© Night Moisturizer©-Plush Organic Skin Care®2021-All rights reserved

Dead Sea Mineral Regenerative Night Moisturizer

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1.5floz.  Revitalize, moisturize and detoxify Your face with this deep sea mineral nighttime cream!  With soothing aloe vera butter, macadamia butter, bachuki plant(natural retinol/vitamin a), shea butter, cucumber juice, blue and green algae and kelp plant extracted from the pacific ocean along with dead sea minerals, apple stem cell and ceramide complex. Providing intensive feeding of super-antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to revitalize, moisturize and naturally preserve collagen while keeping the skin clear of toxins from today's environment, leaving a natural firmness, tone and naturally reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Created for application at night so that while You rest, Your skin rejuvenates and restores itsself with this intensive cream.  Working with Your body's natural endorphins and hormones while You sleep.

Ideal for any skin type!

Ingredients: (100% certified organic blends):

aloe vera butter, macadamia butter, bachuki plant extract(natural retinol and pro-vitamin a), shea butter, cucumber juice, blue and green sea algae, red algae sea kelp extract; ocean along dead sea salt water, natural spring water, salicylic acid, emulsifying beeswax(cruelty free), apple stem cell and ceramide complex, glycerine, liquid germall(natural preservatives). 




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