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Aloe Vera Sensitive Skin Care Bundle

Aloe Vera Sensitive Skin Care Bundle

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Available in mini size(Two 2oz and .75floz serum) or in full 4oz and 1.5oz size! First, Our Aloe & Fruit Enzyme makeup remover, (with aloe water and fruit enzyme of your choice; citrus oranges, blueberry, strawberries or pear fruit infusion), our natural spring waters with our micellar water), which acts as a deep pore cleanser as well as removing makeup and toxins for sensitive skin, then our aloe & hyaluronic acid cleanser & toner, and then to top it off with our aloe & fruit enzyme facial serum, --this blend is ideal for sensitive skin and also dry skin, promoting both a natural clear skin complexion, hydrated as well as naturally infusing the skin with natural super antioxidants to help promote the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.  Check out each product individually by clicking on it here to view the ingredients!

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