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Strawberry Enzyme Sensitive Skin Facial Scrub©-Plush Organic Skin Care® 2021 All rights reserved

Strawberry Enzyme Facial Scrub

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4floz.  A gentle, soothing deep pore cleansing facial scrub created for sensitive skin types and all other skin types! Pure strawberry enzymes and fruit juice, banana peel, turbinaro sugar, jojoba meal, vitamin e, carrot seed oil mixed with pure spring water. Soothing, hydrates and deeply cleanses pores of all sizes. Removing dead skin cells, excess oils that cause acne, while providing vitamins, mineral and antioxidants to protect and restore skins natural tonal balance and health for a healthy, youthful and hydrated feel and look for the best healthy natural skin complexion.

Add the matching Cleanser & Toner for effective results!

Created with 100% certified organic ingredients:

strawberry enzymes, strawberry fruit water, turbinaro raw cane sugar, fruit complex acid,
cranberry fruit oil extracts, provitamin A, provitamin k, carrot seed, aloe vera plant
jojoba plant oil, jojoba meal ,kojic acid, mango seed oil, natural spring waters,
liquid germall(natural preservative).

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