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Raspberry & Coffee Anti Aging Revitalizing Toner© Plush Organic Skin Care®2021 All Rights Reserved

Raspberry & Coffee Anti Aging Revitalizing Toner

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4oz.  Clear out age spots, dull skin and reduce hyperpigmentation of the skin with this unique blend of raspberry, blackberry, wild black cherry, black licorice, aloe vera plant water along with brazilian nut and plum extracts. A finishing toner to remove excess toxins while hydrating the skin and balancing the skins oils to natural prevent premature aging. Leaving Your skin, smooth, cleansed, toned bright and healthy!  Made specifically to reduce the signs of aging.


Created with 100% organic ingredients:

Natural spring waters, raspberry, plum, blackberry, wild black cherry fruit enzymes(fruit juices and fruit extract oils), black licorice, peppermint plant, coffee bean extracts, brazil nut, papaya fruit, dragonfruit plant enzymes, aloe vera plant water, glycerine, liquid germall(plant derived preservative).

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