Pumpkin Seed Sensitive Skin Lotion

Pumpkin Seed Sensitive Skin Lotion

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4oz or 8oz;  Available for a limited time!  Ideal for very sensitive skin, skin constantly exposed to the sun and skin exposed to chemo-therapy!  Pure pumpkin seed, blended with aloe vera, chamomile plant, coffee bean, emu(cruelty-free) oil. along with shea butter and cruelty free goats milk!  Available in select Autumn inspired natural scents and unscented. Glides on smooth, silky and non-greasy!

Get Yours in the following scents!


Vanilla Sky(Vanilla bean, drops of sandalwood, musk and hints of orange),

Sunkissed (Whipped cream, dark rum, buttercream, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg with hints of orange)

Cafe Latte'(Dark roast coffee, vanilla bean, buttercream, cinnamon, brown sugar)

Almond Biscotti (Roasted almonds, vanilla buttercream, cinnamon, brown sugar)

Chocolate Brownie

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