Nordic Herbal Facial Scrub

Nordic Herbal Facial Scrub

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4oz; Two versions, effective results for skin types that are constantly exposed to harsh weather conditions. Especially extremely dry skin, normal skin and even acne skin.  Inspired by Irish, Scottish and Icelandic Herbal modalities.  

Men's Version: pine, fir needle plant oil,  bilberry and juniper berry, spearmint plant, jojoba meal,  black & green earthen clay and irish peat, as well as frankencense oil, and aloe vera juice.  

Women's Version:   pine needle and sea buckthorn plant oil, Peppermint, spearmint plant, pine needle, raspberry and bilberry plant, rhassoli clay, green earthen clay,  wild cherry plant, and turbinaro raw cane sugar and orange peel plant.

A gentle exfoliating facial scrub that hydrates as it feeds the skin with tons of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals and clears out trapped dirt and oils.  Creating a naturally healthy, clean and clear complexion.

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