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Coconut Yogurt Gentle Facial Scrub

Coconut Yogurt Gentle Facial Scrub

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4floz.  Great for all skin types including sensitive skin, dry skin and chaotic skin with issues with removing black and white heads; blended with pure coconut milk, coconut peel, yogurt milk(cruelty-free), papaya plant, banana peel,  peach kernel, sunflower plant, rhassoul clay, raw cane sugar and brown sugar, sunflower, honey and goji berries.  Providing deep exfoliation, removal of excess oil  and toxins while naturally hydrating and restoring skin's natural moisture while healing sun burnt damaged skin.  Also ideal for sensitive skin with acne.


Ingredients: (100% Certified Organic Blends):

Coconut milk, natural spring waters, coconut plant oil, yogurt milk(cruelty free), papaya plant oil, banana peel, peach kernel plant, sunflower plant, brown turbinaro sugar, rhassoul clay, honey, orange peel, goji berries, optiphen(natural preservative).

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