Love Me Skin Care Collection

Love Me Skin Care Collection

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An EXCLUSIVE product for all of February! With an array of natural scents of chocolate, coffee, berry and all things themed for Valentines! This skin care kit is ideal for all skin types to maintain and attain a healthy happy complextion and soothe the face and body!

All in chocolate, and mixed chocolate natural scents!

4oz Dark Chocolate & Berry Facial Scrub (for oily, sensitive and complex skin)

4oz Coffee & Raspberry Restore & Renew Facial Cleanser & Anti Aging Facial Toner

Two 4oz Vitamin C Deep Conditioning Body Lotion; In an EO scent of Chocolate Fudge and in Chocolate Orange Bliss

AHA Age Redefinition Moisturize in Milk Chocolate

and to finish two NEW hydrating, nourishing lip gloss in two scents! Dark Chocolate & Chocolate Mint 

A $100 value!  Available for a LIMITED time only!