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Blueberry Enzyme Hyperpigmentation Set

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Our blueberry enzyme set is ideal for both dry skin, mature, combination skin and normal skin that suffers from a dull skin complexion, as well as naturally preventing hyperpigmentation.  This set includes;

Blueberry Pomegranate Enzyme Facial Scrub (4oz or 2oz)-  A gentle exfoliating facial scrub that is perfect for over oily skin, normal skin and chaotic skin For those who struggle with an uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation.  Deep cleansing pores, removing dead skin cells, trapped dirt and oils that cause blackheads and acne breakouts.  --Extracted blueberry, pomegranate fruit juices and plant enzymes, along with alpha hydroxy acid and raw sugar cane, blueberry plant meal, aloe vera plant juice; hyaluronic acid mixed with natural spring water. 

Blueberry Pomegranate Enzyme Cleanser (1oz or 4oz);  - A soothing, refreshing facial cleanser; created with pure blueberry and pomegranate fruit enzymes, and plant oils, with alpha lipoic acid, grape-seed plant, vitamin c, vitamin k, sunflower and jojoba plant extracts; mixed with pure spring waters and drops of pure witch hazel plant for its natural astringent properties.  Removing trapped dirt and oils that cause dull skin, uneven skin tone and acne issues.

Blueberry Acai Berry Anti-Hyperpigmentation Toner(1oz or 4oz) --A great blend of blueberry and acai berry fruit enzymes, with alpha lipoic acid, and blueberry and acai plant oil, aloe vera plant, natural spring waters, jojoba plant, rosehip plant oil, brazilian nut oils. Targeting complicated skin issues that cause acne breakouts as well as causing premature skin age spots from stress and harmful uv rays.  Hydrating and finishing your skin by removing excess toxins and unhealthy oils.  


Complete Your skin care regimen with Our Blueberry/Plum Enzyme Brightening & Tightening Facial Serum or Our Aloe Fruit Enzyme Serum both in .75oz travel size or full 1.75floz size

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