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Blueberry Acai Berry Anti-Hyper Pigmentation Facial Toner

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4floz. A great blend of blueberry and acai berry fruit enzymes, with alpha lipoic acid, and blueberry and acai plant oil, aloe vera plant, wild cherry, natural spring waters, jojoba plant, rosehip plant oil, brazilian nut oils. Targeting complicated skin issues that cause acne breakouts as well as causing premature skin age spots from stress and harmful uv rays.  Hydrating and finishing your skin by removing excess toxins and unhealthy oils.  


Ingredients: (100% Certified Organic):

Natural spring water, blueberries, acai berry fruit enzymes and plant juice, aloe vera plant, glycerin, jojoba plant, rosehip plant, alpha lipoic acid(3%), brazilian nut oil, witch hazel plant water(no sting). optiphen(natural preservative).

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