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Apple Foaming Facial Scrub

Apple Foaming Facial Scrub

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4floz. Great for any skin type! A gentle, mild foaming facial scrub that from bio-extracted apple enzymes and apple stem-cells; with apple peel, orange peel with AHA, and niacinimide, mixed with our natural spring waters to both hydrate and deeply, gently exfoliate the skin; clearing out trapped dirt and oils while nourishing the skin with vitamins and antioxidants to promote clear and clean skin! Complement your regimen with our Fruit Enzyme Cleanser/Toner!

Created with 100% certified organic ingredients: (100% Certified Organic Blends) - Green and red apple stem cell fruit juices and enzymes, turbinaro raw cane sugar, orange peel, calendua plant extract,  ceramide complex, alpha lipoic and alpha hydroxy acid, jojoba plant oil, aloe vera plant juice, natural spring water, grapefruit seed,  liquid germall plus (a plant derived preservative).

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