1.5oz Organic Body Mist

1.5oz Organic Body Mist

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1.5oz Organic Body Mist Perfume Or Men's Body Spray!  No alcohol whatsoever! Carrying a natural essential oil blend of scents lasting 5 times LONGER than regular perfume/cologne!  Blended with natural spring waters,  rose water, and aloe vera plant juice and vitamin E!  In an array of natural scents! 

Choose one of the following scents!

Secret Garden - Gardenia's, lilac flowers, hints of vanilla and baby's breath

Mystical Moon--Black Bulgarian Rose, Wild Black Cherry, Black Currant Flower and drops of Jasmine Flower 

Wild 4 U -- Dragon's Blood, Jasmine, Sandalwood Musk, Pomegranate fruit

Night Heat (For Men) -- Lavendar, Green Mint, Neroli, Corriander flower, Rosemary, Lime drops, and hints of Sandalwood, Amber musk, Jasmine and drops of Black Rose And Bamboo Teak

Time Traveler (For Men) - Carnation flower, Sandalwood Musk, Dark Orange Blossom, and Dark Vanilla Bean

Night Out -(For Men) Warm Woods, Patcholi, Black Peppercorn, Bergamot, Tobacco Woods, Musk, Vanilla, and Asiatic Lily.

PLUS these Holiday Inspired Scents!:

Nativity Night (Vanilla bean, rosemary, peppermint, spearmint, baby's breath)

Yuletide Woods(raspberry,sandalwood musk, dark woods, black vanilla, black pepper -Fireplace with soft vanilla nodes)

Mistletoe Midnight (spearmint, pine fir needle, peppermint, blackberry, raspberry, vanilla and pomegranate)

Divine Feminine Blend (Vanilla Bean, Frankincense, Myrrh, Mixed Seasonal berries)

Winter Full Moon (Gardenia, Lotus flowers, Woods, Wild flowers, Spearmint, Baby's Breath)

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