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Mothers Day Bundle Basket

Mothers Day Bundle Basket

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Comes gift wrapped and a FREE message to the Mother or Bereaved Mother You love.  Included is a 8oz Hydrate & Condition Body Cream, 1.5oz AHA Facial Serum, 8oz AHA body lotion, a 7oz whipped sugar body polish and a Vitamin A Colour Lip Gloss.  In the select essential scents and you can customize your scents for each product at checkout under the "notes" section.

Available essential scents:

Mother's Day Bouquet -(blend of peonies, hyacinth, day lilies, apple blossoms, soft bergamot),

Sweet Pea & Strawberry Bliss,

Lavender & Lemongrass,

Black Cherry Blossom(wild black cherries, jasmine flower and rice tea & shea)

Vanilla Sky(vanilla bean, sandalwood, & white citrus oranges)

Zen Bunny Garden(bamboo,grapefruit zest, mango, sandalwood with hints of teak plant and magnolias and florals)

Spring Goddess Blossom(ruby cassis, ripe pineapple, sweet rose blossoms and dewy fresh air.),

English Rose (Red, and Pink with Floral blends),

Etherial Spa Garden (Aloe water, Jasmine, floral blends)

Florida Spring Break (blend of Florida orange and tangerine groves, white grapefruit, with green and white tea)

Vanilla Bean

Lip Gloss colours: -Bubble Gum(Flavored),

Spiked Fruit Punch(a hot pink shimmer with flavour)

Berry Bop"(a mix of hot pink and magenta)

"Nu Rave" (sparkling rose gold with dark amethyst)

"I Just Might"(blushing mauve)

"Retrograde" (Rose gold, blush rose, sparkling wine)

"Union Jack" (60's London Red)

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