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Plush PLUS!© Pomegranate Renew, Lift & Repair Serum

Plush PLUS!© Pomegranate Renew, Lift & Repair Serum

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1.5oz; Created for both removing hyper pigmentation spots, evening out dull skin, as well as naturally firm tone and filling up spots of collagen loss. With Co-Enzymes Q-10;  Naturally repairing damaged skin from harmful UV rays that cause age spots Blended with pure pomegranate fruit, blueberry, and strawberry plant extracts, mango butter, horsetail butter, jessica marrow plant, aloe vera, green algae seaweed extract, bakhuci plant and buriti oil.  Great for sensitive skin as well as dry skin and mature skin types!

Created with 100% certified organic ingredients: Aloe vera plant oil, plum plant extract, vitamin e, co-enzyme q-10, coconut plant oil, pomegranate seed butter, blueberry extract, strawberry enzymes, emulsifying beeswax(cruelty free), horsetail butter,  bakuchi plant extract, pro-vitamin a, buriti oil, blue & green sea algae extract, seaweed kelp extract, apple enzyme extract, polysorbate 20, opitphen(natural preservatives).

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