Women's Silky Body Mist/Men's Body Spray

Women's Silky Body Mist/Men's Body Spray

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 3.75floz ea. A pure organic body spray & body mist for Women AND Men!  A blend of pure aloe vera juice, 1% of rose water and a array of pure botanical and fruit steamed essential scent oils into some sultry sweet and alluring scents that LAST 5 times more than alcoholic based cologne's and perfumes.   Ideal for us sensitive skin types!

Choose Your scent!

Secret Garden - Gardenia's, lilac flowers, hints of vanilla and baby's breath

Mystical Moon--Black Bulgarian Rose, Wild Black Cherry, Black Currant Flower and drops of Jasmine Flower 

Wild 4 U -- Dragon's Blood, Jasmine, Sandalwood Musk, Pomegranate fruit

Night Heat (For Men) -- Lavendar, Green Mint, Neroli, Corriander flower, Rosemary, Lime drops, and hints of Sandalwood, Amber musk, Jasmine and drops of Black Rose And Bamboo Teak

Time Traveler (For Men) - Carnation flower, Sandalwood Musk, Dark Orange Blossom, and Dark Vanilla Bean

                                                                                                                              Night Out -(For Men) Warm Woods, Patcholi, Black Peppercorn, Bergamot, Tobacco Woods, Musk, Vanilla, and Asiatic Lily.

More scents to come! 

On Sale NOW Through September 30th! Reg. $32.

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