Dead Sea Contouring Body Polish

Dead Sea Contouring Body Polish

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7floz; A specific body polish that both hydrates and removes dead skin cells; while contouring the body for toning and reducing inches off the body.  100% dead sea salts, with pure coconut enzymes, pumpkin seed oil, deep sea kelp & algae extracts(off Hawaii),  brazil nut and andiroba plant and orange enzymes.  Naturally smoothing skin, brightening skin and promoting a toned and tight look. 

Ingredients: -Dead sea salts, natural spring water, coconut plant oil, pumpkin seed enzymes, brazil nut oil, andiroba nut, orange enzymes, hawaiian sea extract,  opitiphen(natural preservatives)

Available in the following essential scents and unscented!



Caribbean Iced Colata -A Pina Colada with a twist of peach!

Lavender Bliss - Sweet Lavender with nodes of hyacinth

Day Spa Tonic -- Floral blend with green tea, shea, lime with lemon zest

Vanilla Vichy Rain -Vanilla bean and dark vanilla bean blends with an misty watery floral and sandalwood

Bamboo & Lotus Garden - Bamboo, teak wood, with lotus flowers and babys breath.

Butterfly Floral Ring; French mimosa, cyclamen and jasmine blended with nuances of tea, tangerine, lemon leaf, coconut and musk

Gardenia Gardens - Floral Gardenias, lilacs, lillies

Black Cherry Blossom - Black cherries, wild cherries blended with rice tea and shea

Moonlight Sonata - French lavender, lily of the valley, oakmoss, and musk

Rainforest Blend -sweet citrus, blooming jasmine, and blond woods.

 Florida Oranges - White citrus blends, with tangerines, hints of grapefruit

Black Rose & Jasmine

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